Finally, Lightning-Fast Reporting Built for Dynamics 365 Business Central

A solution that offers the best features of the prior reporting tools but is built specifically for Business Central Cloud and is 100% powered by Microsoft Azure.

Integrato has been working with various reporting solutions for many years that were designed to work with the former Navision and Business Central when they were installed in more traditional on-premise environments.  Unfortunately, these solutions are powered by legacy technologies behind the scenes that reduce their ability to work well both in the cloud and when they are connected to cloud-based data sources, such as the latest versions of Business Central.  Given this, we have continued to search for the best reporting options for our cloud-based clients.  We are excited to share with you a solution that offers the best features of the prior reporting tools but is built specifically for Business Central Cloud and is 100% powered by Microsoft Azure.

Welcome to Cosmos!

Cosmos is a one-stop shop for all things reporting, analytics, and data management. The thing that really stood out to us during our thorough evaluations is that it is lightning fast – with reports running an average of 48x faster than other Excel-based reporting tools.

It’s your data, and you should be able to generate the reports you need in the time you need them without donating an entire day to processing. What’s more, your reporting tool should actually be easy to use, really work out of the box, and deliver the information you need to make strategic decisions immediately.

And that is why we’re recommending the Cosmos of all reporting solutions - an orderly, harmonious systematic universe where all your reports, dashboards, and data are created, stored, managed, and delivered.

Cosmos Fast Reporting for Business Central

What is Cosmos?

Cosmos was built in response to the Business Central market asking – but what about us?

There are reporting tools originally built for on-premise Dynamics NAV or adapted to BC after being built for another ERP system. There are reporting tools for general cloud environments that don’t fully integrate. There are traditional costly and intricate BI and data warehousing solutions that run on servers and require hard-to-find technical experts to maintain. There are Power BI dashboards that businesses can leverage if they manage to compile the proper underlying data structure and have the technical resources to make them run – but those dashboards are no replacement for legitimate financials. Other tools work by using manual processes and workarounds, which are only tolerable for so long. There were many ways to generate the financial reports your organization needed, but none were simple, direct, and fast – until now.

With Cosmos, you get a true cloud-based experience, without the need for additional hardware or server space, that delivers:

  • Lightning fast, simultaneous reporting: run as many reports as you need, all simultaneously, without tying up your Excel instance or other business applications. Get the information you need at least 48x faster than other Excel-based reporting solutions.
  • Reporting and analytics for everyone: Immediately get a visual view of your business metrics through robust, analytical dashboards that can be created without waiting on scarce technical resources. 
  • Secure access to everything you need in one place: with the Cosmos Portal, you can navigate to existing reports and dashboards, create new ones, manage users and permissions, easily edit your data model, and more with minimal administrative efforts since everything is built on one cloud-based platform that integrates with your Microsoft cloud environment.
  • Innovation and agility: as a solution built for the cloud in Microsoft Azure, Cosmos is hyper-responsive to the market, developing features and functions to meet the needs of businesses today and as they scale. With an ongoing dedication to delivering the fastest and easiest reporting solution for Business Central, experience a reporting tool really made for you.

Learn More about Cosmos and the Solution

To fully understand the world of differences between Cosmos and the reporting tools you’re using today, you’ve got to see it in action. Get an in-depth look at the Cosmos Portal, better understand how it works for everyone in the organization, and get a sneak peek at the 30 reports you could be running in 30-minutes or less by watching the below recorded Webinar!

In this session, we will show you how to:

  • Interact with prebuilt reports and dashboards
  • Create new reports
  • Administer user permissions and security
  • Manage and edit your data model
  • And more…
Fastest Reporting Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Welcome to the future of reporting, analytics, and data management for Business Central. Welcome to Cosmos!