Subscription Reviews


Cost savings is always important.

When business is booming, added liquidity in your IT team's budget can help your business grow even faster. And when under pressure, bringing down unnecessary expenses can allow you to reallocate the IT funds to where you need it most for future growth.


One area of cost savings that may be overlooked lies with your Microsoft products. In short: many businesses are leaving money on the table by holding onto licenses they don’t need. With Microsoft's recent changes to subscription terms and billing cycles, all companies should be reviewing their subscriptions to ensure they're not going to be locked in to paying for licenses that are not being used.

When reviewing your subscriptions, you should be looking at the usage reports in Microsoft 365 admin and analyzing that against your active users and their corresponding licenses. When doing this yourself, this process can take time depending on how many users you have within your organization.

Complimentary Subscription Review

Integrato offers a complimentary annual subscription review upon request to all clients that have their Microsoft subscriptions with Integrato.

Currently, we're extending this offer to all companies that are considering bringing their subscriptions to Integrato, a Direct Microsoft Partner.

We'll review your current subscriptions and deliver a detailed report that will provide you with the following information:

Users that appear to be inactive and have licenses assigned

Users that could downgrade their license based on usage

Unused Licenses

Microsoft's New Terms and how to proceed with selecting future subscriptions

Current Subscription Features

Suggested Next Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

I've done a review before. They offer me a discount for a limited time and try to upsell subscriptions. How is this any different?

Integrato is a Direct Microsoft Partner and business technology consultant. We are not trying to sell as many subscriptions as possible. Our focus is to ensure our clients are getting the best value out of their products, not overpaying for subscriptions, and utilizing technology to grow their company by reducing inefficiencies and increasing productivity.


We offer this review because in all of the companies where we've reviewed their subscriptions, we've found savings opportunities. Sometimes those savings opportunities ranged from 10%-35%, and we've seen in a few small business companies with 100-300 employees, over $10,000 a year savings that could have been reallocated to IT projects instead.


Depending on your volume, we may be able to offer a volume discount, but we're not focused on limited time offers. We want to establish long term business relationships so that we can help your company grow. We have clients for over 15 years. Selling subscriptions is not our priority, we just want to be your partner and make sure you're not overspending.

What is the subscription review process like?

  1. We have a 15 minute meeting with your key IT decision maker that has global admin access to explain what we're doing and the process. We will help them pull the necessary reports on this call.
  2. Once we receive the reports, we analyze the data and take notes on any open questions. (This process can take around 1-3 days depending on the amount of users and internal scheduling.)
  3. We schedule a 30-minute call to ask any questions as it relates to users and their licenses. This call is usually with the key person(s) we met on the first call (IT or similar) that is familiar with the users that were setup and what licenses they should have.
  4. We prepare the report based on the confirmed findings. We deliver the report and all the supporting data back to you so that your team can utilize the data to make changes. We can also help make changes if you'd like our support.
  5. We meet to review our CSP portal and discuss the option to bring over your subscriptions to Integrato and how we take care of that process for you. 

How much access do you need?

To do this analysis, we can utilize the partner relationship or we can help you pull the reports that are needed.

How do we get started?

Send us your contact information and we'll reach out to you to get started.