Microsoft Dynamics GP

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP

Get your business running smoothly with an ERP solution that goes beyond what accounting software do and that can be configured to your business needs and growth.

Dynamics GP handles warehouse management, financial management, inventory management, project management, field service management, human resources, manufacturing, and distribution.

What does

Microsoft Dynamics GP do?

Financials and Assets

Get more insight into your financial data, maintain budgets and manage your assets

Inventory and Operation

Track and manage the entire cycle of order processing, inventory, orders, returns and more.

Sales and Service

Track and update your service calls against contracts, considering inventory, coordinating schedules and assigning technicians.

Human Resources and Payroll Management

Recruit top talent, Hire, train, and pay your team with automated systems.

Business Insight and Analytics

Access to real-time analytics to help track your business performance.

Project Management

Manage project timesheets, expense reports, invoicing to maintain control over the project budget and costs.


How much does it cost?

Estimating what it will cost for your company depends on what features you'll need, licenses, etc. This can be confusing to calculate by yourself. Call us so that we can do it for you. We'll calculate your cost based on your needs.

Who is Dynamics GP for?

Primarily used by larger businesses who are not fast changing and do not need cutting edge features.

Differences between Dynamics GP and NAV?

Dynamics NAV has been rebranded as the cloud solution Dynamics 365 Business Central. Dynamics GP is not as adaptable as Dynamics 365 Business Central and designed to use as is for the most part therefore it ends up being faster to implement. GP does support some manufacturing processes, but if more in-depth features are needed, Business Central is a better option.

What licenses are available for Dynamics GP?

Since the Dynamics GP licenses are sold on a user basis, the first step would be to figure out how many user licenses will be required and what level of access do the users need. Full User License, Limited User License, and Self-Serve User Licenses are available.

Can we customize Dynamics GP?

Dynamics GP Is flexible and can be customized using third-party add-ons, but is not built to be tailored to a particular business process the way Dynamics 365 Business Central is.

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