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Whoa, Nellie! We’re wasting a lot of money with manual data entry!

If your finance team is still receiving, managing, and filing paper invoices or employee expense reports and receipts, have you stopped to consider how much these manual, non-value-added activities are costing your company?

Certainly, there is a tremendous amount of time savings available by automating all that manual effort of hand-keying information into your ERP system. But beyond that are a range of other cost savings, and perhaps more importantly, revenue generating opportunities. And that definitely deserves a “Whoa, Nellie!”

Let’s take the case of automating the entry of invoices into your Business Central or NAV system. You likely can quickly estimate how much time it takes to transfer information from an invoice into the system. Given the advancement in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology in the past decade, per invoice you can count on reduction from minutes to seconds, and that savings adds up in a hurry. But what about the time it takes to interpret and decide how to code the invoice? Can a human remember dozens of rules and choices as quickly as a computer? What about keying errors? What happens after that piece of paper is entered into the system – how much time is spent passing that paper around? Deciphering handwriting? Filing and re-filing? Reviewing and checking with others for answers? Finding that paper in a few months to answer a question or satisfy the auditors? It’s easy to see that time savings can quickly double or triple when you remove paper from the equation.

At Integrato, we’re big fans of saving people time and helping them be more efficient and Continia shares this passion. Definitely for the cost-savings provided, but much more so because of the larger impact to an organization’s capabilities and growth. Take away the non-value-added activities for the finance team, and suddenly they have time to look forward instead of in the rearview mirror. A finance team with the time to conduct analyses and model opportunities is a significant strategic asset!

76% of bookeepers say that they spend more than 10 hours each month on registering, gathering, and approving employee expenses

We think any CEO and CFO would rather have their finance team analyzing costs, identifying trends, spot leading indicators, and proactively managing cash flow. As well, job satisfaction is important to most Accounts Payable team members we talk to – so are they happier doing repetitive manual data entry or instead challenged to put their financial acumen to use?

If you’re ready to eliminate paper and non-value-added activities, we’re ready to help. For 30 years Continia has been focused on helping organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV streamline their financial operations. Continia’s Document Capture solution allows you to automate up to 95% of your invoice processing. Their Expense Management solution simplifies capturing and approving employee expenses, while their corporate credit card integration practically automates your statement reconciliation.

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Live Webinar: Manual data entry is costing your company more than you know

Still entering invoices, sales orders, expenses, or other information into your Business Central / NAV system by hand? The cost of that inefficiency is significant enough. But there are other short- and long-term costs to your company that aren't as apparent yet more impactful. The current business environment demands you continue to improve your internal processes to run leaner, be agile, and retain customers.

We'll explore these hidden costs and impacts to your business, and share the efficiencies and day 1 payback available with document automation solutions.