Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Update

MUST READ: This is important for anyone that works in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and also the key people responsible for the Business Central environment for your organization.

Microsoft is releasing the new version of Business Central (2022 Wave 1) from April through September. There are some excellent new features, but as with any updates, there can be disruption to processes requiring communication with your users. We want to make sure you are informed of these updates so that you can take action to prepare and also deploy features that will benefit your organization's productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft performs checks before upgrading the environment, however we recommend taking extra steps to help avoid any unplanned downtime in case something was missed.


  1. Clean up production environment by removing any unused or no longer needed companies (such as test companies).
  2. Update your scheduled upgrade date on your production environment to the end of the upgrade period to give you more time to prepare and test.
  3. Copy production into a sandbox environment via the Business Central admin portal.
  4. Change new sandbox upgrade date to be towards the beginning of the upgrade period or turn on upgrades individually inside Business Central via Feature Management.
  5. Test out the upgrade on a refreshed copy of your sandbox environment.
    • Test your workflows and the system before the production environment is updated.
    • The most common area affected by the updates are custom permission sets. We recommend that you compare any custom permission sets against the out of the box counterpart before the update to production.
    • Test any third party extensions and additional customizations. We recommend creating User Acceptance Testing documentation for upgrades. Integrato can help with documentation if needed.
  6. Review the features list, make a list of what features may benefit your organization.
  7. Test NEW features that you're considering in sandbox environment.
    • If you want help setting up specific new features and showing them to your team, contact and we'll schedule this with you.
    • We recommend testing these features by creating or updating a sandbox environment to test without effecting your live company until you are ready to deploy.

If you're responsible for your BC environment, but want help with any or all of the above steps, don't wait - contact us as soon as possible at


The 2022 release wave 1 plan covers all new functionalities planned to be delivered to market from April 2022 to September 2022. If you have any questions regarding the features or want to review specific ones with a team member, please contact us at