Unlock Hidden Savings with a Free Microsoft Subscription Assessment

Discover the untapped potential of your IT budget and supercharge your business growth with our exclusive offer.

At INTEGRATO, we understand the importance of cost savings, especially during periods of rapid expansion or financial constraints. That's why we're offering you a complimentary Microsoft Subscription Assessment to identify and unlock hidden savings within your IT infrastructure.

Many businesses unknowingly leave money on the table by holding onto unnecessary Microsoft licenses. With recent changes to subscription terms and billing cycles, it's crucial for companies to review their subscriptions and avoid paying for licenses that aren't being utilized. Our team of experts at INTEGRATO will conduct a thorough review of your Microsoft products, ensuring that you're not locked into unnecessary expenses.

By analyzing the usage reports in Microsoft 365 admin and cross-referencing them with your active users and their corresponding licenses, we'll uncover any redundant or underutilized subscriptions.

This process can be time-consuming when done independently, but with our expertise and efficiency, we'll provide you with a comprehensive assessment in no time.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to reallocate your IT funds where they're needed most for future growth.

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